MANY SCAM WEBSITES ARE OFFERING WALDORF DOLLS for very low prices. Facebook was full of their advertisements.
They have stolen photos of various doll artists.You find my dolls on some of them too. I only sell dolls on this website.
If you buy a doll through them, you will either get a cheap doll, or nothing.
Please be careful and do not buy from them!
You can find the list of these websites on my home page HERE
If you have already purchased a doll from them, file a claim with Paypal or your Bank. You have buyers protection.
Please report them HERE and leave a negative review HERE
It will help a lot in the fight against them


Where can I buy one of your dolls


All of my dolls that I make for sale are posted here on my website on this page HERE

A couple of days before they are up for sale, I  post pictures of them on my InstagramFacebook, and Flickr pages.  You can follow my work on these pages. When I have a doll that is available to buy I also send out a Newsletter. You can subscribe for Newsletter HERE.

I take only a very few number of custom orders to leave enough space to make my own creations, therefore I can not guarantee  that I always have space for a custom order for you.


This year unfortunately, I can not take any more custom orders!

If you are crafty, you could get one of my DOLL MAKING TUTORIALS on this page HERE, and create a doll.




How do I order a doll?


If you would like to place an order you need to email me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through Facebook to let me know the size of the doll you would love. 

At this stage I inform you if I have space on the waiting list or not.

A couple of weeks before I am ready to start working on your doll I will contact you about the details and the price.

I normally take full payment at this point.

From customers outside the UK, I only accept PayPal payment. There is a small additional charge with this.

From customers within the UK, I can Accept Bank transfer and Cheque payment as well. Custom made dolls cost slightly more than my other dolls, as it takes lots of conversation to make them right, therefore I need to spend often twice as much time to create them as other dolls.


This year unfortunately, I can not take any more  custom orders. I will be creating some dolls available to buy before Christmas. Please follow my Facebook or Instagram pages or Subscribe if you wish to know when they become available. 




How much do they cost?

Traditional Waldorf dolls cost £340- £420 depending on how much clothes they have and what I use for hair.

It takes longer to make dolls with straight hair than with curly hair, so the ones with straight hair are a bit more expensive.

The basic price you see below includes one dress and underpants with the doll. The baby doll would come with a nappy and a romper.

Additional clothes, knitted or leather booties or a jacket can be available for an additional charge.


 14" Traditional dolls from  £340(curly), from £370 (straight)

16" Traditional dolls from  £380(curly), from £420 (straight)

15" Traditional Baby Waldorf doll  from £440 (brushed mohair hair straight)

13.5" Traditional baby Waldorf doll from £400 (brushed mohair hair straight)

Art dolls with sculpted faces and legs, and the hair made using animal hair:

12" from £650

14-15" from £720

16-17" from £ 820 

The prices of art dolls depend on what I use for hair and how much clothes the doll has.

I can make a doll with traditional face and hair made using animal hair, like alpaca hair, angora goat's hair or curly Wensleydale

locks or other sheep's wool. If I use Animal fibre for hair instead of yarn, your doll will be £60-90 more depending on what I use for hair.

If I add weight to a doll it is an additional £25. I normally use glass beads for weight.

You can see pictures of my recent work on Flickr or on Instagram .


Where are you located?

 I am located in the United Kingdom. My dolls are posted from near the Welsh border from a small town called Hereford.


What are your dolls made of?


My dolls are all handcrafted using entirely natural



For my more traditional Waldorf dolls the hair can be

made of mohair boucle yarn( curly hair )or brushed

mohair yarn(straight hair) that are designed for doll



Sometimes I also use animal fibres for creating hair for

my dolls with more traditional faces. 


For my natural fibre art dolls, I use animal fibres or

brushed mohair yarn crocheted into a cap. The animal

fibres I make into a weft and then into a wig. This is a

lengthy, time consuming process.   For this, I normally

use  Alpaca hair, angora mohair Pickwick wool or

Teeswater locks.


Some dolls that have wefted hair are not suitable for

little hands, they are more suitable for older children (

from the age of 7 ) or as a collectable item. 


The outer fabric of my more traditional Waldorf dolls consists of good quality, strong  cotton Swiss stockinet to make them last for a long time.

This fabric is designed for doll making. It has OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 certificate. The Swiss stockinet comes in various skin tones. 

For my organic dolls, I use GOTS tested organic jersey. This I only have in a pale skin tone. For my art dolls I sometimes use Witte Engel Skin Fabric.


Inside, my dolls are filled with sheep's wool which makes these lovely dolls warm and soft.

For special requests, I can use organic wool for filling the doll.


Most of my traditional Waldorf dolls have a nose, (which is not how a Waldorf doll is originally made) as most of the time people

request this if they are given the choice. However, I can make the dolls with a more simple face without a nose as well.


The basic outfit for my dolls is a dress or top, and underpants and trousers or bloomer. You may order additional dresses  HERE.

They are ready made and can be posted in a day or two.


The eyes and the mouth of the dolls are embroidered using cotton embroidery floss. Mostly I use DMC.


Thank you!


Please Subscribe HERE if you wish to have updates!




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