About Waldorf Dolls


About Waldorf Dolls

A doll is an important companion for a child. They laugh together, cry together, share feelings. They are always there for each other.


The Traditional Waldorf dolls are created using natural materials they also known as Steiner dolls.These dolls are handcrafted with care. It takes a long time to create these dolls. Their skin is made of 100% cotton interlock. They are filled with sheep's wool, that gives them warmth and softness. They have simple faces to allow space for the imagination of the child. The eyes and a mouth are carefully embroidered and often their hair is made using wool yarn.


The more simple face is important, as  through their imagination, a child lives through its experiences with the doll. They grow up together. Having a strong bond with a doll is like growing up with a really close friend. The younger the child the more simple the doll should be, so that the doll is appropriate for the child's stage of development.

I used to make two type of Waldorf dolls. The softer Toddler dolls, and the more formed Traditional dolls.

Soft dolls, with less formed body that often made out of velour, are suitable for younger children, up to the age of 4.  However, I found that often even 6 year old boys are happy to carry around a soft doll. These dolls are very cuddly and comforting. A true friend for a toddler, who can be with them day and night, so they are never alone.


The more formed traditional Waldorf dolls are for children aged 4 and above. They  can be dressed and the girl dolls have hair that can be stiled. They

are stuffed firmly.





My dolls are no longer very traditional looking.

I have made many adjustments to them, and added features, that normally would not be on a traditional Waldorf doll. I prefer calling them Waldorf Inspired dolls. They often have hair made of anymal fibres instead of yarn, they have ears, buttocks, and belly button, and their eyes are not so simple, have more expressions.







I also create Natural Fibre Art dolls, that have their faces sculpted with a needle felting technic. These dolls also have belly button and buttocks and ears. They are very detailed dolls.

My Art dolls are intended  for older children, more for children aged 7 and above or as a collectible item.










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