This tutorial explains how to finish your Waldorf doll using a pre-ordered body that has been sewn together, but not yet stuffed. The main part of this gallery shows how to make the head for a Waldorf doll.

If you do not wish to work with the pre-ordered body, just add the head to the body you made.

The ready-sewn body is available on the website. Please go to Waldorf doll kits. Using this kit, you do not need to use sewing mashine when making the doll. The kit also inclides patterns for clothes.


1. The body of the doll. It all has been sewn together with a sewing machine – you only need to stuff it with wool, and stitch up the openings  at the back of the legs and at the top of the arms.


2. For shaping the head of the doll you need to make an inner head first. For this  I use white cotton jersey. Some people use tubular bandage for this, but I find that I can get the head firmer by using cotton jersey. The size of the piece of fabric you require will depend on how large you want the head to be, and on how stretchy the fabric is. Sew a tube ( make sure that the lines of the fabric go from top to bottom ) and gather one end of it with a running stitch all around, pulling it tight.



3. After this you need to make a firm ball from wool. This ball needs to be bigger than you wish the head to be, as it will get to be about 2/3 of the size after it has been shaped.




4. Lay a couple of long strips of wool in a star shape on top of the ball.



5. The next step is to gather the ”arms ” of the star under the ball and hold them firmly.




6. Now you need to pull the white tube over this ball while holding the neck part of the wool as tightly as you can. You can see in the picture how much smaller my ball already is just by putting it into the tube. With a running stitch go around the neckline.When it is done wrap the thread around it a couple of times as tightly as you can. For this, and also for shaping the head you will need a really strong thread.


7. Before you start shaping the face, ensure that the neck is positioned in the middle under the head.

Look carefully at the shape of the head and choose the side that you think is best for the face. Tie a very strong thread horizontally all the way around the head a couple of times, about half way or a bit lower, between the neck and the top of the head. Pull it tight. This will be the eye line of your doll. When you have done this, do the same vertically from the top of the head down to the chin along the sides of the head.


8. On the side of the head, where the two threads meet, secure them by sewing an ” X ” across them. Do one side, then push your dollmaking needle through the head, bringing the thread across to the opposite side, where the threads meet. Do the same there.




9. Then, with a crochet needle, pull the thread on the back of the head all the way down to the neck.




10. Where the threads meet on the side, sew them together. With this you secure them.




11. Normally, at the base of the neck there is some wool hanging out. With a running stitch pull the bottom of the tube together. If there is not enough wool there, fill it with some additional wool. It does not need to be firm, but can stay soft. If you have not got enough fabric left, just ignore this step.


12. With your extra strong thread go round and round the neckvery tigh.

t to make it really firm.This is important to stop your doll's head from wobbling.

If you did not have enough fabric, just go round and round the wool that's hanging out under the head.



13. If you would like to have a nose for your doll, just

make a very small  ball  and sew it onto the middle of the face about 1/2 cm below the eye line.



14. The next step is to pull the skin coloured stockinett over the head. Cut into the fabric twice, at the top, as shown in the picture. Only cut it as far as the top of the head.



15. Fold the fabric as shown, and secure it with pins.




16. After you have sewn it, fold over the front bit, secure it, and sew it as well.




17. To sew the fabric neatly at the top of the head, use a catch stich.




18. Now you will need to  go around the neck just under the head with a running stitch again. Once you pulled the thread tight, tie it around the neck a couple of times .



19. Before you can put your doll together you need to fill the arms and legs with wool, using small pieces of teased wool at a time.With the help of a wooden spoon stuff the arms and the legs quite firmly . Keep shaping them as you go. When they are done, sew them up with  neat catch stiches.


20. Fill the body with some wool, and put the head into the neck opening of the body.Fill the body and the shoulders until they are firm. It can be a bit difficult, but using something thin like a chopstick will make this job easier. When you are happy with the shape of the body, go around the neckline of the body with a running stitch, pull it tight, and sew the head to the body with a catch stitch. First, sew around the neck with bigger stitches ( going a bit into the head ),then again with smaller, fine stitches to make your work neat.


21. To find the best position for the eyes and the mouth you need to use some glass headed pins. Keep moving them until you are happy with the way the face looks. It is a very important part of making your doll, so take your time with it.
The shape and the size that is chosen for the eyes and the mouth will determine the character of your doll.



22. For sewing the eyes and the mouth most people  use embroidery thread but you may also use ordinary sewing thread.
Start at the back of the head, then bring the needle through the head to where you want the eye to be.When one eye is ready, go over to the other eye. When finished, fasten off the thread at the back of the head.Do the same with the mouth.

23.There are many different ways to make the wig for a doll. One way is to start with a crocheted cap. Here I used curly mohair boucle, but mohair yarn and other wool yarns work well too.

The size of the cap will vary depending on the size of your  doll's head, so keep checking your cap against the head of the doll. Adjust the number of stitches to fit the head, as you go.

24. Sew the cap onto the head (using strong thread) starting at the edge, then round and round in an inward spiral until you reach the centre. If your Waldorf doll is a boy, just the cap may be enough. If it is a long-haired girl, you will still need to add some long strips of yarn to the cap.
For this, cut the yarn at twice the length you want the length of the hair to be. Fold it in half, then attach it to the cap using a half hitch in the centre at the fold. Go all around the edge leaving 1/2 cm gaps. You may also keep them closer. After this I attach two rows of long strips of yarn parallel in the middle of the head from the front all the way to the back.

To finish, fill the two sides of the head as required. With this method you have made a type of hair for the doll that can have many different hairstyles.



25. Now all your doll needs are some pretty dresses.



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