Soft Waldorf dolls

Soft Waldorf dolls are perfect first dolls, toddler dolls or companions to cuddle in bed at night.

They also often become good friends of little boys.

Each Waldorf doll you find here is filled loosely with pure sheep's wool, that has been purchased in the UK.

"When cuddled, a wool-stuffed doll takes on the warmth of the child, a warmth that makes a doll alive." (Marie of Knecht Renrecht)

The Waldorf doll selection that you find here for sale is more suitable for younger children who are not yet interested in dressing dolls, or who might take the clothes off but not put them back on again. Therefore these dolls have a jumpsuit for a body which cannot be taken off. The jumpsuit is made out of soft cotton velour in various colours.

If you require an additional dress that can be taken off it is possible to order one. Please have a look at the selection of materials I have in stock.

To suit younger children, these Waldorf dolls normally come either with a fixed hairstyle, or with a cap that is fixed to the head.

The biggest Waldorf dolls here are almost as big as a newborn baby. They are about 16"/ 40cm tall.

The medium ones are about 12"/ 30cm tall.

The smaller ones are 10"/ 25cm tall.

Please have a look at the selection here and if you cannot see the one you wish to have please go to CUSTOMISE A DOLL where you can order a doll of your own choice.

Dear customers!

I can not take orders at the moment, as I am fully booked till June.


Doll clothes are in stock. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering an outfit.

Thank you for your understanding!