Formed Waldorf Dolls

Each  waldorf dolls you find here have clothes that can be taken off and changed. These dolls are most suitable for children aged 4 and upwards. The girl dolls normally have long hair that can be arranged in to various hairstyles. The hair can be made of mohair boucle ( curly hair ), brushed mohair ( straight hair ) or wool yarn.

They are all   handcrafted  using entirely natural materials.

The outer fabric of my Waldorf dolls consists of good quality, strong cotton stockinette to make them last and loved for a long time. This fabric is designed for making dolls, and comes in different skin tones. It is according to ÖKOTEX 100 standard without AZU colour dyestuffs.

Inside they are filled with sheep's wool which makes these lovely dolls warm and soft.


My Waldorf dolls often have a nose, (which is not how a Waldorf doll is  made originally) as most of the time people request this if they are given the choice. However I can make the dolls without a nose if requested.

These dolls come with cotton dresses, and underpants or trousers. The colours of the dresses may vary.


The big Waldorf dolls are about 16"/ 40cm tall. The smaller ones are about 14"/ 36cm, and the baby dolls are about 14"/ 36cm tall.


The baby Waldorf dolls have the shape of a baby with bent legs and a slightly bigger head. All the clothes can be taken off.

These Waldorf  dolls are approximately 14"/ 36cm tall.


Please have a look at the selection here, and if you cannot see the one you wish to have, please go to the page  "Customise a doll" where you can order a doll of your choice.


Dear customers!

I can not take orders at the moment, as I am fully booked till June.


Doll clothes are in stock. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering an outfit.

Thank you for your understanding!