Care Instruction




If your doll becomes soiled, it is best to clean only the soiled area, but if your doll needs a full bath, please follow these instructions:


- Put a small amount of wool shampoo into luke warm water. Place your doll into the water. Let it soak for a while, especially if the doll is heavily soiled.


- Remove the doll from the water and gently squeeze a few times.


- If staining remains, use a gentle stain remover on the stain and soak the doll again. Always test stain removers on a small, hidden area of the doll, before using it on a more visible area. In the UK, I recommend Ecover stain remover, as I have used it before and it does not usually affect the colour of the fabric.


- Then take the doll out of the soapy water and and squeese out as much water as you can. Your doll will be very heavy at first. Do not twist the doll.


- Place your doll into clean water to get all the soap out. When it is rinsed, remove the doll and squeeze the water out again, then wrap it in a towel and squeeze again.


At this point, reshape the head or other parts of the doll, as necessary.


- Place the doll on a dry towel, face up, and let it dry.


You may need to replace the towel several times as it becomes soaked.





As Waldorf dolls are made of cotton interlock, they can be carefully stitched up as necessary.





EB 27/01/15

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