Art Dolls

Art dolls, or in other name Natural Fibre Art Dolls are inspired by Waldorf dolls. For the body the same materials are used, but they are much more detailed, therefore they are different from Waldorf Dolls. These dolls have formed faces, that have been shaped using needlefelting technik.Normally they are firmer than Waldorf dolls. Their body can be needlefelted or formed using a rolling technik. They have bums, belly button, ears, and sometimes elbows too. Some doll makers give them little toes and fingers too.

Natural Fibre Art Dolls can have hair made using yarn, which is more suitable for children or pure animal fibres, like goats hair, alpaca hair or curly wensleydale locks. These fibres are sewn into weft, and than sewn or crocheted into a wig.

Weft making, wig making and sculpting of the face of the doll are very time consuming , that is why these dolls are more expensive. Normally they are made for doll collectors or for children over the age of 6.

These dolls come with more clothes. They have little shoes, and a jacket or a shawl and possibly two outfits.


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