About Waldorf Dolls


About Waldor Dolls



A doll is an important companion for a child. They laugh together, cry together, share feelings. They are always there for each other.


Waldorf dolls, also known as Steiner dolls, are handcrafted with care. Their skin is made of 100% cotton interlock. They are filled with sheep's wool, that gives them warmth and softness. They have simple faces to allow space for the imagination of the child.


Through their imagination, a child lives through his/her experiences with the doll. They grow up together. Having a strong bond with a doll is like growing up with a really close friend.


Dolls should be appropriate for the child's stage of development, therefore I make Waldorf dolls in different styles and sizes to suit children of different ages.





EB 21/01/15

Dear customers!

I can not take orders at the moment, as I am fully booked till June.


Doll clothes are in stock. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering an outfit.

Thank you for your understanding!









" Play with dolls is of special importance because it is one of the ways through which the child can experience his own being."                    (Rahima Baldwin Dancy)