About the Artist


About the Artist



As a child, I always loved playing with dolls. I could spend hours playing with their hair and dressing them. After I became connected to the Waldorf movement in my twenties, I spent some time in Germany, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend a dollmaking course in a Steiner school there.


When I moved here, to England, and had my boys, I made a few Waldorf dolls for them and also for the children of my friends. Later, when my children did not need dolls any more, I  decided to make Waldorf dolls for sale.


I have loved the experience of making Waldorf dolls for 10 years now. I have sold dolls at many Steiner School Advent Fairs; on my friend's website; and I have made many Waldorf dolls for friends at my children's Steiner School, and some for Waldorf  kindergartens. Now my dolls travel all over the world.  Since I first learned about dollmaking, I have changed the way I make Waldorf dolls to improve the quality.


I have some wonderful helping hands who make many of the dolls clothes. A wonderful lady, who used to be a dressmaker, sews beautiful dresses for my dolls, and other people, who love knitting, knit amazing tiny woollens for the dolls.


I still love making dolls, and enjoy the challenge when someone asks me to make something I haven't made before. All my dolls are handcrafted; they are all unique, and have their own personalities.





EB 27/01/15

Dear customers!

I can not take orders at the moment, as I am fully booked till June.


Doll clothes are in stock. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering an outfit.

Thank you for your understanding!