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About the Artist



My name is Ildiko. I was born in Hungary. I am mother of two children, we have a well behaved dog and cat.  My  passions are nature, traveling,  being outdoors, and being creative.


As a child, I always loved playing with dolls. I could spend hours playing with their hair and dressing them.


In my youth I spent lots of time traveling, and while I was in England studying nutrition I happened to meet with some amazing people who were connected to the Steiner movement. From then I became very interested in the philosophy of Steiner education.


Soon after this I was lucky enough to be able to attend a dollmaking course in a German Steiner school, which I enjoyed a lot, but after that I was still too busy with moving about to get into dollmaking.


Only when I moved here, to England, and had my boys, I started making Waldorf dolls for them first and later for the children of my friends. When my children did not need dolls any more, I  decided to make Waldorf dolls to sell.


I love the experience of making Waldorf dolls. I have been making them for sale since 2004. It still fills me with amazement how a simple material slowly becomes a little being, a personality, who could become a close friend of someone.


I have some wonderful helping hands who make dolls clothes that are available on my website here for sale. A wonderful lady, who used to be a dressmaker, sews beautiful dresses for my dolls, and an other lady, who loves knitting, knits amazing tiny woolens.

I have no time to make these additional outfits, but with the help of these ladies I can offer to my customers additional otfits. Sometimes I use these outfits  to dress my dolls, but I also make dresses myself. Most of the the outfits are designed by me.


I still love making dolls, and enjoy the challenge when someone asks me to make something I haven't made before. All my dolls are handcrafted, they are all unique, and have their own personalities.

Recently I have experimented with making Natural Fiber Art Dolls, which are more for collectors than for children. It is really nice making them, but I always enjoy making the more simple dolls too which are more suitable for younger children.


Thank you for your interest in my work and visiting my website!







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